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Aire repair kit

Somehow I ended up with this kit. I don't own an Aire, I don't know anyone who owns an Aire.
I got it with other items when doing some trading for new bits for our rafting gear.
I can't imagine ever using it, so I figured I would pass it along to someone who would actually use it.
I thought I would give it away.

The Aire repair kit. Seems to have never been used.

Appears to be an older kit, not like the new ones in the fancy drybag.

Aire Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

Repair kit difference

Would you like this kit?
Post in this thread for a chance.
I'll choose a recipient from those who are interested in having the kit, using a weighted lottery and a random number from

Entries for the GiveAway -
1 entry for posting a reply to this thread with the words, "I'm in."
1 additional entry for posting a reply with a story about a riverside repair that details why you need or deserve the kit.
2 additional entries for posting a reply with photos showing a riverside repair. (photos should be yours, please don't use others photos)
1 additional entry for posting a reply with a photo of your cat; the furry, four-legged, feline variety. (photo should be yours, please don't use others photos)
So, up to 5 possible entries for anyone who's interested in having the kit.

Enter anytime before midnight, November 13.
That should give everyone who might be interested a chance to post an entry.
Probably shouldn't have this run too long. If there are no posts or bumps to the thread to keep it alive, I'll end it early if no one wants to participate.

The week after I will determine a recipient.
I'll send a PM, requesting their shipping address, and ship it so that it should arrive before the end of November.
I'll pay for shipping.

Thanks for reading!

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I had one stolen this spring but I don't think it could have ended up in Ca plus mine was not yellow.

Maybe a shady fellow tossed it and you ended up with it or ???

Somewhere on the kit will be a serial number that matches the boat it came with. Before you give it away maybe you would be willing to post the serial number.
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