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I have a permit for Sep 5 - G.O.L; my usual rafting buddies & the wife have all bailed so I thought I'd broaden my boating circles & open up the opportunity to others, (because I'm definitely going!).

I have a 16' Aire- there's the possibility of carrying a couple of people on my raft, if you don't have your own boat- otherwise, I can carry a lot of gear.

I'm an Aussie- will bring my guitar & am all for good food, cocktails & beer... Want to fit in some good hiking. I've done GC, Salmon, other stretches of Green & Colorado- Gates 3 times but not in my own boat. I'll bring my riverboard too.

I'd probably prefer the extra day on GOL- 4 nights, plus sleep at put in. Shuttle is about $120 per car; I'm coming from Boulder. We'll all share the $200 permit fee.

This is an experiment, so let me know if you're interested, and I'll try to get you info / decide how I can put this together properly.

You can email me directly at [email protected]
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