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I have a Gates of Lodore permit (launch date: Thursday, October 22, 2015) that I am trying to pass along to anyone who might be interested.
My wife and I are expecting twins, and we have been told that things might be happening a lot quicker than expected.
I called Dinosaur today and talked with the Head Law Enforcement Ranger who is handling river permits for the next eleven days while the river permit office is closed. He is willing to allow me to transfer the permit to another Trip Leader. He is also allowing for a new participant list (rafter/kayakers). I have until October 19, 2015 to make this happen.
I have done an late October trip each of the last two years (both on Halloween) and have never encountered bad weather for more than a few hours. Average night temperatures are in low 30's at night, and mid to high 50's or low 60's during the day.
If anyone is interested, please call me. I have already paid the $185 permit fee. Once we call and change the Trip Leader's name, we arrange for a way to pay me for the $185 already down.
Thanks, Jason
970 409 8812
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