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Gates of Lodore camp sites

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I'm am looking for suggestions on nice sites for a 12 person group.

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Night One: Pot Creek 1
Night Two: Rippling Brook 2
Night Three: Jones Hole 4 or Island Park
Thanks, 3 of the 4 you mentioned were on my first choice list so now I'm much more comfortable with these choices.
Been blessed to make a lot of floats down both Yampa and Lodore then on down the Green. Split Mountain run is an excellent way to end a multi day float.

My experience has been anything below Jones Hole stands a excellent chance of bugs big time especially after noons till it gets cool. We camped one time just below Jones Hole and even there it was buggy big time.

One camp down in Island Park was exceptionally miserable with bugs afternoon and evening.

The good part about the Island Park camp was we made a very early get away and did the take out work way before anyone else did. We had the ramp all to ourselves, don't even remember the Ranger Lady being there to observe us on the ramp.

I have stayed at Pot Creek and Rippling Brook and both are good camps.
Pot 1,limestone(good hike up),compromise.

location unknown
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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