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Gates of Lodore bugs?

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I'm launching the 26th of July. Anyone have a recent bug information?
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Very bad this year! Bring several cans of spray.
Most times Lodore canyon is not to bad. After the Yampa it seems to get bad and worse through Island park. Cove and camps below can be very bad after the Yampa reaches peak flow. I would bring a screen house to cook and hang out in if you have any camps below Jones hole. Have fun and be safe on your trip.
We camped at Island Park about two weeks ago. No bugs until about 5pm or so, then got progressively bad. Apparently it was not nearly as bad as several weeks earlier. Plenty of skeeters the next morning as we floated on down to Rainbow Park, then no more bites.

Spray, screen tent, bug suits/headnets are advisable and would make it easily tolerable.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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