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Gal seeks ride share, Cache Bar to Boundary Creek 6/29

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Wondering if I could hop in a ride share from Cache Bar to Boundary Creek on Saturday 6/28 or Sunday 6/29. I'll have snacks, smiles, beer and money to contribute:D

Melissa from Portland, OR

I got invited on my first Salmon trip and trying to work out the logistics. Thank you!
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Not very much parking at Cache Bar if you plan to leave a car there for 5 days. Maybe the store in North Fork has some room to park it. The suttle service is not to bad from Buondry to Cache bar.
Thanks so much for the input, I appreciate it! I will look up shuttle services...maybe that is the better option. Cheers, Melissa
You need to be at Boundary creek a day before your launch date. Best to have the boats in the river the afternoon before launch day. Have a great trip!

Not sure what your trip logistics are, but do you have to have a car at Cache Bar? If you are a passenger it would be way easy to get back to Stanley with personal gear and a couple of companies offer a shuttle from Boundary back to Stanley in the $60 to $65 range.

If you are looking to drop a boat and gear at Boundary and then drive to Cache and get a ride back. Make sure to plan ahead a bit as it is not always a given for sure. Again much easier to get back to Stanley than Boundary. And then maybe arrange to meet someone in your group to ride in. Anyone else finishing at Cache and who has room would likely not want to drive into Boundary and back out if they are on the way home.

A full shuttle of a car being picked up at Boundary and driven to Cache runs about $235 to $250 plus you need to leave $60 to $100 gas in the car so you have a full tank in Salmon before they drive in to Cache.

Good luck with everything. Enjoy the Middle Fork. She is waiting in awesomeness.
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