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Tommorow is the first of the four rodeos in the Golden Community Rodeo Series and we've finally settled on some fun categories for prizes...

On May 25th, we'll give prizes for:

Friendliest Boater
Best Swim
Farthest Traveled

Spectators win prizes also so make sure to put your name in for the drawing of some cool stuff if you are coming to watch.

Registration begins at 5pm, comp starts at 5:30. $25 gets you an entry into the entire series (pays for your insurance and some party gifts!)...if you are already a CWWA member, then your entry is FREE!

And, as the only woman in the planning group, I think it is my place to say...ladies, come out and will be very supported and encouraged - all levels welcome.

We welcome entries in sport, intermediate, expert, and master's - most kinds of water crafts can find a place in the competition and high energy welcomed!
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