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Front Range newbie groups?

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I always offer to take my construction crew members out on the river, but rarely get takers.

I now have a guy who has actually taken me up on this and started paddling. He has a half decent roll and brace, but I don't get him out enough for him to be making a lot of progress and he has no friends who paddle.

Anyway I am looking to find other new paddlers to go out with us and ultimately him. My ACA is expired, but I am happy to share tips with other newbies from 20 years of paddling.

If you are interested in easy paddling (low water Boulder creek is most convenient for me), shoot me your email and if I have much interest, I'll try to set it up.

If you are more experienced and wouldn't mind helping out if I get a big group, write me as well.

davidhfrank (AT)
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