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Congratulations to all the front range boaters who placed in the final standings of the Colorado Cup. That I can remember off the top of my head:

Men's Sport / Rec results 1. Matthew 'fu-man' Ryan 2 & 3 Adam & James Casanova...I still can't tell the difference save for different boats.

Junior Men - 1st place Brian Horan BIG STUD OF THE YEAR NOMINEE? He went for a Space Godzilla with a cross bow grab in the Big Trick Comp & nearly pulled it off....

Expert Women - 1st - Monica Giamellaro 2nd - Stephanie McGuire

Pro Women - 3rd - Tracy Brabant....we'll count her as Front Range, kinda caught in the middle though we love her so.

Men's Expert & Pro I don't remember.

Monica, Adam, & James - I have your prizes & will be at demo night tonight with them. If you're not there, we're all drinking from them for you.
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