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Free Loma to Westwater shuttle

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If you are launching from Loma toady or Saturday, we should be able to work a shuttle together.

If your rig will be at Loma by saturday afternoon, we can pick it up, and leave it for you at the Westwater ranger station.

The cost of this free service is that we will use your truck to shuttle ours to Cisco and return to the Ranger station in yours.

Call me if you'd like to work this mutually beneficial trade.
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I might take you up on that, just got canoe... maybe I'll run htrby for the day??? you got any takers yet?
Dave Frank is too nice. I would at least charge one beer.
Kinda free... 90 miles of gas on my rig, that's a least a 6pac...
Sounds like a fair deal to me considering what the local shuttle company would charge you, or if you apply only a minimum wage value to you and your shuttle partner's precious weekend time running the shuttle.

Dave's offering a win-win to someone.

Have fun on the rio, Family Frank and the rest of the gang!

Thanks. Sounds like Ric and I can make this work.

Might be able to have someone else pic up another car or two if someone else needs shuttle help.
Ric backed out. This offer is very much still available.

(Seven two 0) 298-2242
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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