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Free Beer! Anyone running pumphouse this weekend

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To anyone who can pick up my oars at Rancho Del Rio this weekend. I left them there on the beach (*smacks head*) last weekend... They have them at the Colorado River Center

I would bring a growler of beer from the Walnut, Southern Sun, etc to someone who lives relatively close. North Denver/Boulder area

Any volunteers?

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Doing Rio to Two-Bridges Monday, could grab them then. You could scoop them up any time next week. Live in Wheat Ridge.

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Hey, missed your message. I was away from the computer all weekend. Many thanks for the offer though!

I'm actually headed back towards pumphouse at the end of the week - so I can do my own oar sherpa duties. Thanks to those who PMed me
Glad everything will work out for ya. Since I didn't hear from you and our other buddy bailed, we wound up running the lower Blue below Green Mtn. Good day of float fishing. :)

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