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Frame Width for Aire Lion 16'

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Hey Folks! Picking up an Aire Lion 16' this spring. Dreaming about the frame... To anyone who has one, how wide is the actual storage between tubes? Not the total width of the frame, but the width into which one can cram coolers, dry boxes, drop box, rocket boxes, water containers, etc.? I'm thinking of going as big as 44", but am a bit worried that might make for too much girth. The NRS Fat Cat frame is at 37", but I don't think that'll do what I want. What's the use of them big tubes if I can't carry a lot of stuff? Advice from the more experienced--which is to say all of you--would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I ran a JPW Daddy Cat for about 15 years and finally just sold it this last year to down size to a 14' raft. I picked out my cooler first (128qt Igloo Marine) and that dictated the inside frame width, which like several others on here was 42". Then the dry boxes were made to match. Unless you're only going to run big water, I would resist trying to go too wide. You'll just like it better in the long run, especially if you run late season skinny water. I had the modular frames. It was nice to be able to switch the passenger module to the rear and run the gear up front.


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