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Frame Repair?

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Hey all,
Apparently I had some residual water in my NRS frame foot bar over the winter and just found it ruptured the pipe. Any input on repairs? Weld? Need to either get it fixed or replaced soon for some upcoming trips. Gash is approximately 2” long and right where the frame could contact floor of raft. Thanks!
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if its just your legs pushing on it, I'd just grind or file it to where it wont cut something. if you want you can use something like this and map gas to fill it and then grind it smooth.

OR you could cut out the bad piece and reconnect with this and have a narrower foot bar like me 😅

edit: i'm making a lot of assumptions based on your photo. if you show at least one sides connections it could help, because I might be way off. Like in my mind, i don't even think it's attached to the rest of the frame right now.
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