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Frame Repair?

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Hey all,
Apparently I had some residual water in my NRS frame foot bar over the winter and just found it ruptured the pipe. Any input on repairs? Weld? Need to either get it fixed or replaced soon for some upcoming trips. Gash is approximately 2” long and right where the frame could contact floor of raft. Thanks!
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You can buy the bar only from nrs. Prob cost you about $50. Keep your lopros and drill holes yourself, not hard at all. If there’s anything you don’t like about the delux foot bar specs for your setup, now you have a chance to customize how you really want it.
I just bought a custom section of pipe with custom bends from nrs for $50. Shipping was even included. OPs job would be smaller than mine.
Can you expand a bit on this? are you thinking bending the foot bar with a pipe bender, DIY, or are you saying NRS sells just the u-bend portion of the bar? Would go this route if I could buy the u-bend for $50, any links appreciated.
Come up with the specs you want and contact nrs customer service. Remember that your measurements need to be “on center”. If you’re not sure what that means, look at the measurements of a few standard nrs components and how their measurements are to the center of the pipe on bends rather than the edges. Whip up a diagram if possible.

I’ve found them to be very reasonable. Just had a custom high clearance spreader bar made for my cataraft, 39 1/2”on center. $50 without the lopros. Shoot me a pm if you’d like more tips. I love doing this stuff.
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Just got a quote from NRS. U-bend Bar only, no lo-pro fittings or foot bar. $114 + shipping. Going to work through some of the fixes mentioned above.
Bleh, that’s a crap price. Disappointing. Perhaps they gouge for replacements of their standard pieces. Maybe the trick is to not let them know that by changing up the specs a bit.
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