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I just wanted to thank all of the Northern Colorado boating community who stepped up huge in Fort Collins on Sunday night for the Downtown River Enhancement Project.
The totals are not in yet, but we meet our goal for sure, if not blown it away.
Hopefully we will get this project started in the fall and we will then have everything from the best rapids to the best play spots all right here on the Poudre.
I hope everyone had as good a time as I did ( sweet how they didn't watch the marg limits) and got something great in the auction too.
Who got the best deal? I think that Panama trip was a steal.
Luckily the Poudre was raging and kept the locals here, there were 200+ people there.
Huge thanks to:
The Mountain Shop
The Rio
New Belgium
The Atoll
The Eye's Mind
and the 100+ other businesses who donated to our cause.

Now go enjoy that lovely light brown water and be safe.
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Right on, JJ.

The final tally for the evening is still rising, with a few more items to be payed off. We have already eclipsed $14k and expect a bit more. Combine this with the cash and in-kind labor and materials donations we have received, and we have gone past $32k!!!! Our original goal of $17k in monetary community support has been far surpassed and we are on our way toward design as soon as we hear from GOCO in June!

Thanks to all that came out on Sunday or have supported the Fort Collins Riverpark in some form!

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What was this?


I am working on developing a whitewater park too, and saw this post. What exactly was the event that you put on? How did it work?


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