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For sale: "The Hippo", a 16' 2019 NRS E160 for $8500.

This raft is in excellent condition and was only used once - albeit to raft 1,000 km across Gabon on the Ogooue River. I am moving to Gabon permanently and therefore need to downsize. The package is worth over $11,500 and comes with everything you'd need for your river adventure.

I am based in Central California and would be happy to meet half-way to drop off the raft. Shipping the raft would take time and be costly - but I'm open to that if you pay the cost of shipping.

If you are interested please contact me at [email protected]

The package includes everything listed below:
1 NRS E-160 Self-Bailing Raft ($6,695.00)
1 NRS Compact Outfitter Raft Frame 72" x 78" ($775.00)
2 NRS Thwarts ($275/thwart)
1 NRS 5" Barrel Pump ($219.95)
1 NRS Blast Inflator Pump ($119.95)
3 Carlisle Oar Blade 8" Outfitter - Yellow ($64.95/blade)
3 Cataract SGG Oar Shaft - Yellow ($202.95/oar)
2 NRS Frame Oar Mounts 10" ($ 119.95/pair)
3 NRS Atomic Aluminum Oarlock ($49.95/oarlock)
2 Cataract Oar Counterbalance Sleeves ($109.95/pair)
2 Oar Right ($24.95/piece)
3 Molded Oar Sleeve ($17.95/sleeve)
2 NRS Oar Tethers ($24.95/pair)
2 Eddy Out Aluminum Dry Box 36" x 16" x 16" ($399.95/box)
1 Padz Dry Box Seat Pad ($75.95)
2 NRS Raft Cargo Platform Large ($64.95/platform)
2 NRS Outfitter Dry Bag 110L ($104.95/bag)
2 NRS Frame Adjustable Cooler Mounts ($84.95/unit)
1 Down River Drop Bag 40" x 18" ($89.25)
1 Down River Drop Bag Cover 40" x 18" ($51.50)
1 NRS Campsite Counter Standard Size ($299.95)
1 NRS Frame Wrench ($7.95)
1 NRS Raft Repair Kit (64.95)
Assorted 1" Tie Down Straps

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Joe Cutler
[email protected]

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Second that question with a more important one, is that a bucket list trip? 1000 km sounds epic!
I don't know if it's on anyone else's bucket list, but it was on mine! I'm fairly certain it was a first descent of the Ogooue in an inflatable. If you're interested in learning more, we've got a website at - Joe
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