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Foco Town Wave

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with the river at holdin steady at 4.9 there has been a pretty tasty wave at North Shields Pond. It's better to access the wave from south bank via poudre river trial on west side of shields. A great place to get some surfin in after work. Surprised i havent seen more boaters on it, but i guess everyone's up the canyon gettin it!!

i suck at playboatin but here's a vid of the wave
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is it by search and rescue? access from shields street pond? parents live right there surf before doggy daycare pick up.... sweeeeet
Is this where they removed the diversion dam this past fall/winter? Or has this wave always been here at high water?

Also, supposedly theres some waves over at lions park on overland. Haven't been there yet though.
Ya this is right where that lil pour over used to be. About 200 yards west of shields. I didn't make it out tonight to see what the wave is doin at over 5' but I bet it's only gettin better
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