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Just rolled into Salida with the Go Big Rig. I've now been to the Coosa Rodeo in Alabama, Clear Creek Locals rodeo, Lawson hole on Clear Creek, Yampa Festival in Steamboat, Lyons Festival, Dowd Chute on Eagle Creek, The numbers on the Arkansaw, and will be paddling in Salida this afternoon. I also got a glimpse of the hole in Bunea Vista and it looks awsome. I'll probably be there tommorrow midday if anyone wants to demo a Fluid. The rest of the time, through Sunday, I'll be in Salida with demos for anyone intrested. I have Small and Medium Flirts available for demo, with lots of people already intrested, so try to catch me early in the week before all the boats are out on the water.

I'm having fun on the road experiencing all that Colorado has for playboating for the first time. I'm also meeting tons of intresting and fun people on my travels. Please come and say Hi. I'll be paddling the orange M Flirt with the Fluid helmet.

See you on the river,
Bryon Dorr
Go Big Distribution
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