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Fluid did great in the prelims at FIBARK. Four Fluid Flirts entered the competition and two are going on the the finals. One boat entered was a demo that had been paddled for about 20min before the comp., the paddler got 12 out of 28 expert men in the M Flirt. Deb O'keefe did an awsome job with her huge smile and smooth style, but didn't make the cut for finals. Tracy Sage threw down some huge airloops and made finals with a sixth place out of 18 pro women. I got second out out 28 expert men, with 10 moving on to finals on Sunday. Some big loops and vertical four end cartwheels helped me to advance. I'll be in Salida all day with demos and practicing in the hole. Come and say hi.

Bryon Dorr
Go Big Distribution
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