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Hey man, ready to hit it again? Me dos.
-I want to get down there as soon as possible. I know that saturday camping and sunday run is definate. I am really going to try to be there on saturday 10-11am as well. I think this looks good for me unless some stupid shit gets in the way.
-Friday may be my last run on the piedra if you are interested. It is building up some water again and hopefully will get big enough (3000 or bigger) to be fun. but it could get really big by the end of next week, so I may wait on levels friday moring to make a descision. But, if you want to come down fri i will show you the way. If it is not up i will meet some people at Esca fri night.
-Sat and sunday are approaching daytime temps of 80 degrees in delta. that means esca is going to be kinda big on saturday and way big on sunday. first two gorges, yes. Inner gorge, we will wait and see. Hopefully I don't puke my pants while talking to spiders and aliens who are also gawking at 57.
-there is going to be a crew again on sunday. even bigger this time. so let's get it, Johnny 970-946-3746
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