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Float times for Lawson to Golden?

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How long does this take? 3-3.5 hours at a Grand?

Anyone else with a long boat care to bust this out some time soon?

Not that one needs a long boat, but it might make the flat parts quicker and the hard parts harder.
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I did this at 650 and it took us 4 hours. Longer if you stop at Kermits (rip) and have a beer or three.
Did it last year around this level. Took maybe 3.5 hours at a casual pace.

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Took us 4.5, with a few short stops.

I wussed out on taking the long boat. I think it'd be great for everything, though black rock could be tricky.

I forgot how much colder the water is up high. Was wishing I had gloves.

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