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To all of you who are really anxious to view the Rocker and Hero series. (me being one of them!!!) I will be receiving the first ones out of the mold next Thursday 14th and they will be on display at the Paddlefest event in Silverthorne.

These are not going to be production boats. As a matter of fact, they will potentially not even have any logo's on them, but they will be boatable versions as I am taking them on a 10 day road trip to cali on the 21st!!! Yeeee HAWWW!

Production Rockers/Hero's should be at all dealers (in Colorado it's Confluence, Alpine Kayak, 4 Corners, Backdoor and CKS) over the next 2-4 weeks!!!

If you have any questions, please call you local shop to find out when their orders are expected. If you want to take an early "look see" , please feel free to stop on by the Jackson Kayak booth at Paddlefest.

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