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This isn't that big of a deal, but for anyone, 5'8'' and over, the 2' x 4' roll-up aluminum tables with kill your back after a while when prepping for dinner or breakfast. This mod raises the height from 28'' to 37'' w/ some adjustability thrown in.

Lately, we've been on a kick to reduce the weight of our gear where ever we can. The EMT/Skidguard river table I made years ago weights 35 lb. These aluminum roll-up tables weight 8 lb. 10 lb. after the extensions are added in. Plus they're more compact for easier rigging.

I was at first planning on cutting the extensions and making them a slip on piece, which would be a PITA if we needed to move the table and then decide to attache them permanently. My GF asked why we couldn't use the push button thingies like adjustable tarp poles? She got on the 'net and found snap buttons on McMaster-Carr. Damn, she's smart! The table legs are 3/4''. I found some 7/8'' aluminum tubing at Metalmart in Lehi,UT for about $14. They slide easily over the 3/4'' legs, but snug enough not to be all wobbly.


I cut the 7/8'' tube to 13.5'' long. I disassembled the table, so I could drill the legs for the snap buttons. I cut a v-groove in a piece of scrap maple plywood and clamped it onto my drill press table. I drilled the legs 2'' from the end and the leg extension 2'' from the end. This allowed for a 4'' total overlap. I bought 7/8'' rubber caps at Home Depot. I swear the (6) rubber caps weight half a pound. Sheesh! Pam then asked if we could make it adjustable for uneven ground, so I drilled 2 more hole in each extension 3/4'' apart to facilitate adjustments.

Here's the finished product.

100_7782.jpg 100_7783.jpg

FWIW, I had to cut the plastic feet off the table legs. There are some ridges on the aluminum legs that had to be cut off as well. This shorten the legs by about 1.25'' which I figured into the extension length.
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