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Exp. boatwoman w/prof. exp. starting in 1985, "retired" from commercial guiding in 2006, but never retired from the river! Looking to join long trips w/ other exp. boatmen/river folk. Also available for kayak support (Dogs Welcome) Have boat, + ass. gear, Live near Boulder CO(important, since i can't fit boat and river gear in my tiny car.)
Cannot afford pricey, "rent everything" trips, but can help with logistics and know lots of nice ways to own food pack.
Excellent outdoor cook (dutch oven, prfopane, open fire and manifold._)
Fresh recert in WFR virtual encylopedia of "AO"/"NC17" rated nature jokes.

Contact anytime for any trip.
[email protected]
karen (aka Jungle Jane...yes, THAT jungle jane)
303 642-0823
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