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Ever been to Driggs, Idaho?

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I have a phone interview tomorrow for a job in Driggs Idaho.

I am not looking for a change, this was an unexpected contact from someone from an industry I left in 2015 due to a non compete which has expired.

It's a pretty attractive offer, the likes of which I wont see without relocating and maybe not even then.

Any idea what the boating is like around Driggs?
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I know a few people that work at the hospital there. The hospital pays for a shuttle for employees from I believe Rexburg or IF where housing is more affordable.

Definitely more flat water and good fishing as far as water goes. Not sure if you are rafting or kayaking but a lot of reachable whitewater. Living in salmon driving 3 hours is just another drive. You have the local runs, bliss haggerman, black canyon of the bear, of course salmon, the breuno and jarbridge.
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