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I was eluding to your shot at us 'wimpy' (class III swimmin) Colorado boaters. Since I am from Colorado, that is my ethnicity so to speak. Lets not forget who perverted this thread in the first place (that'd be you, perversion instigator), I was just playing along. Still need that cigarette.

Back to Gore, uh sweet advice, 'just keep paddling, dont stop till ya get to that stagnant poisoned dirt pond we milsleadingly named lake powell, you can stop there and join us for a shit sandwich and some good ol motor boatin' who the fuck are these BLM guys? They are like a cross between the CIA nitwit that couldn't pass the IQ test and some cop that got demoted to school crossings. Tax dollars at work!

I will post the footage I have of Todd G getting BUSTED! Pretty funny. I was shooting the whole thing (Sunday Morning - Todd broke out the motorcycle for a ride for jesus) and then a posse of BLEMS came up and told me to stop shooting:

BLEM: 'You gettin some good shots?'


BLEM (in my face this time) 'That's probably enough'

ME: 'Fuck you, I have rights bitch, and the rest of the world wants to know whats going on here, all the injustice and bullshit you guys are tossing around at our expense!'

Well I didnt say that exactly but, I did shut the camera off and walk away and then they stole my fucking river knife.

I will post that shit here soon.
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