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Encampment questions

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Is it open
Has anyone run it this year
Ant hazards to be aware of

Shuttle service?

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blackhall road open

i drove in on the blackhall road (the road on the east side of the river) last friday and it was open all the way to the put in. didnt run it tho.

p.s. south fork hog park creek busted out the road if you coming from the hog park side (550 road) you will have to float the last part of hog park creek the get to the river

anyway when are you thinking of running it?
Thanks much

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Post a trip report, interested in hearing conditions- might be interested Friday or Saturday.

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Looks like I'm staying in steamboat
Fish is good still
But if that changes will post report

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I would also love to hear a trip report. Does anyone know if 550 is open to Hog Park?
Heard, but cant confirm that ther eis a culvert blown out between hog park and commissary park. Blackhall road is open, or you could float down hog park creek instead of the usual putin.
I just called the Brush Creek/Encampment FS office and they told me that rd 496 between Hog Park and Commissary Park was fixed yesterday.
Ran it Saturday. All roads are open.

Easy to arrange shuttle at the take out. Paid a guy to ride up to Hog Park with me and drive my rig back.

Caught the flow at 1000. Could go a touch lower for rafts, but not much. I would say 1000 to 1200 is preferred.

Some wood but mostly out of play. One river wide log later in the run (well after all the rapids), but the high side was in slack water so I was able to push the towers under without folding them down.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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