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...was pinched for time last Friday night trying to get wet before my daughters b-day party and decided to try my luck on some Eagle hair from Wallcott down a few miles. I've never seen anyone run it at these levels (up a bit over the past few days with rain) but was pleasantly surprised with the lack of azz dragging. It gets a bit more technical but, plenty of fun and even got a few tricky tricks off ...for the ladies grillin up riverside. So aside from there being better stuff a bit further far off (if you live in the area) like shosho, etc... why do't more local folks do this at low water just to get a quick'n in after work. I can already hear all the, "...cause we ain't a guuuiiily man like you." but, it was a great way to sneak in an hour of play.
PS - what's the avon "park" or the rodeo hole like right now? ...any other play worth mention in the v-valley at low flow?

Thanks all!:-D
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