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Eagle levels

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Done the eagle at high water before, had a blast. I have put-in in Vail (Gore Creek) and ran all the way to edwards. Looks like only 1230 at minturn, 975 on gore, and a wooping 5400 by gypsum! Big change between gauges.
How is Dowd at these levels?
Any wood in Gore?
Still have to bust right at the bridge near confluence?
Any bridges to worry about if a guide boat of rafters come along?
Other beta?
Minturn put-in better than Gore?
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we ran from lionshead in vail to avon last sunday. 8ft on dowd chute gauge.
i don't remember any wood of issue in gore creek. However the pipes across the river towards the end of the creek were portages. The first one has the water flowing just over the pipe, but does NOT have enough flow going over to allow boating over it. There are decent 1 kayak eddies above it on river right. I think it would be very,very difficult, if not impossible, for a raft to catch these. A second pipe 50 yards or so below this one had about a foot of clearance, often people roll under this one. We elected to just portage both at the same time. This 2nd one has very small eddies above it. Chute looked huge. we portaged. We did see two others run it successfully though.
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