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Duration for Pump house to Radium or Rancho

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Sorry, I posted this accidentally in the kayaker's forum earlier and am not sure how to delete it.

Anyway, at these flows, can anyone tell me roughly how long it takes to float between Pump house & Radium versus Pump house to Rancho Del Rio?

We're headed down tomorrow, and I believe a couple of weeks ago they were running 45 minutes between PH & Radium, and perhaps 2.5 hours to 4 hours from PH to Rancho (depending on wind).

This is my first time down in 8 years and first ever with my own boat. There are others joining us tomorrow who know the run, but I gotta decide if I am able to run to Rancho and still have time to get home to pick up the rug-rat at day camp in time.

Also, are portable toilet systems or a spare PFD required for day trips on this stretch? We will have spare paddle.

Thanks - DC
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No portable toilets or spare PFD required at this time. Albeit both a good idea. (pocket a wag bag?) Rangers are non existent at these put-ins.

Pump to Radium- 1 hr (give or take 10 miutes)
Pump to Rancho- 3+ (depending on wind- the last 3 miles to Rancho is a lake)

but flow is moving still.
What Endo said. Floated it twice last week at these flows. Those time estimates are right on.
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