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Duckie and Dogs?

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Hi Ladies! I tried to get into ww kayaking a few years the lessons for me and my man and some of the gear...had a bad 1st try on the river and never went back. That being said, my husband totally got into it and now that's ALL he does from April- Sept (longer if the waters running).

I am thinking about giving it another whirl but this time in a duckie. Im not looking to ever boat class iv/v, just stuff like Ruby/Horsethief the Dolores slickrock to bedrock, and parts of the Arky.
The catch is I would like to bring our 2-dogs along with it possible to fit 2-dogs, 1-person and some limited gear (for overnights) in a 2-person duckie? Or is there another option that would be more suitable? I want something easy to trasport.

My husband keeps wanting to get me a raft but Im just not sure I want something so I have only oared a raft once durring a Lodore trip on flat water.

Any suggestions or advice is apprciated! Thanks!
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We went through the same thing a couple of years ago. We ended up with a 14' raft after much dileberation. which in hindsight was a good decision as within the year we had a little boy join our family (now 2) who loves the boat and can't wait for flows to come down so he can go.
IMHO 2 dogs in a duckie, unless small ones, would be too much, especially with gear. We figured out how to row and you can too. Go with a small Colorado sized boat, you will love it.
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