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Confluence Kayaks is starting it's winter pool sessions tonight. (1/10/06). We'll be there every Tuesday night through August. Doors are open at 8:00pm and we're out the door by 10:00pm.

Roll-1: Great for the never been or have not been in a long time boaters. Learn all the basics: getting in and out of the boats, basic strokes, bracing, and T-rescues. ($45 w/gear, $35 w/o)

Roll-2: This is where the rolling starts. Built your confidence and learn how to roll you kayak. ($45 w/gear, $35 w/o)

Stroke Work 101, Flatwater Fundamentals, and Roll Dr.: Dates will be posted on our website.

Open Pool: Come practice with your our gear or teach a friend. ($10 per person in the pool)

NEW!!! This season try our Open Pool Pass. It's your ticket to staying in shape all winter long. Come join us every Tuesday night at DU, unlimited open pool sessions for 2006. Come by the shop fill-out your pool wavier, get a Pool Pass Card from us, and just flash it to us when you join us at the pool. (Cost $75)

Call: Confluence Kayaks
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