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Dry Bags & K1 Self-support

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Just got invited on a Selway selfsupport and have to rent a boat. My old Stohlquist dry bags are too far gone, so I am looking to quickly buy an adequate system. So
1) recommendations on boat (most previous SS was in Prijon Rockit (old).

2) any thoughts on dry bags?

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Watershed drybags all the way, they are the best.

Just off it June and we needed the drybags off the water too since we saw a lot of rain. I would go with a modern creekboat or river runner unless you could get one of the newer expedition boats w/ a hatch for more gear. Love my Karma and Jackson outfitting is nice to be able to adjust on the fly for longer days in the seat.
+1 on the Watershed Futa Stow-Floats. They are super dry! Add a Chattooga or Ocoee bag or two for quick access during the day, and you are good to go.

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Watershed bags are the best quality, but their available sizes are limited. The chattooga is the smallest and gives you a limited amount of flexibility for packing. Personally I use 2-3 watersheds, 2 nrs 6 liter tuff sacks and a variety of small sea to summit bags for items that are not as critical to keep completely dry. I would also pick up a couple of MSR dromedary bags for desert trips where the clean water available to filter is limited.
+1 for watershed stow floats. My friends use them and love them.

I am too poor for such fancy equipment though. I use mainly ortlieb roll top dry bags in my kayak. I find that they are durable and stay dry.

As far as a kayak, I would recommend something without pillars.. maybe a prijon or an eskimo. Or you could remove pillar from any boat if needed.

Launching on selway in August. Maybe see you out there.

Mac Cooper
You should probably ask Tango or Streetdr what to do as they seem to like these kind of scenario's. They are usually hanging out on the rafting forums.

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