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Dear Buzzards,

Off the Couch, Chronicles of Gnarnia has morphed into a bigger project over the past year. Last year at this time I thought I would be able to edit a clean video in 2 months, man was I wrong. It takes a lot of time and I have put in some over time building this new site and editing video. We will have another resource that organizes photos and videos that exists on the net in one central place with links, video clips, and a gallery.

I am not an editor, but I have taken on an endeavor to catalog the North American Whitewater and provide a safety forum for the nation, possibly to be the one that we have here in Mountainbuzz according to Andy. I cannot spell too good (thanks to the state of North Carolina's 47th ranked education system), so if you see some errors please be kind and let me know.

After working hard for 4 years on this video I am ready to release it but share some extra other content with the world for free. But this is a great project and can give folks an idea of what to expect from any given class V run in Colorado (when I am done updating everything). Please consider helping a brother out and mailing CD's with Photo shopped files of .jpg s. My address is PO Box 772565, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477 . It would help me out greatly if the color scheme was RGB instead of CMYK with the files and the width is 770 px for each picture. I can photo shop them if you do not own a program to do this with. If you want you can also email me at [email protected] . I will be gone on the Grand Canyon from this Sunday until around March 28th so I apologize if the response and posting may come late, I will be floating with the wife and a gang of top notch Steamboat locals.

It would be cool if we could rally up some of the missing content and make it a safer place to paddle in Colorado, with a safety forum linked into Moutnainbuzz with alerts. My video, Off the Couch CHRONICles, a whitewater exploration of Colorado will be available for sale on April 25th. If I can get a paypal button up and running feel free to order and I will ship around the end of April. I have gotten lot's of support with video from Jeremy Signorini with 2 rivers productions, Trey Chase with Ology Productions, Josh Morris, Eric Panebaker, Billy D, Justin L. and a few others (thanks again for your help).

Thanks guys, this is not active yet so you have to hit the special URL below, not just the home page. When I feel we have no blank spots in the future I will go live with the homepage as it appears at the below link.

Props to Nick Wigston, Evan Stafford, Kyle McCutchen, Jared Johnson, Jenn Ross, Kevin Fisher, Dan Piano, Joe Carberry, Eugene Buchanan, Kevin Thompson, Adam Mayo and a few other contributors that have donated tons of photos.

Thanks all,

Nick Hinds

[email protected]
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