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American Whitewater Draft Listing
Jan-June Accident Summary

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2015-06-27/MD/Unidentified man/62/Motor boat/Liganore Creek/X/Monocracy tributary /Washed over dam spillway
2015-06-23/CO/Unidentified Man/34/Raft/Green /III/Lodore to Echo Park /High Water, Long Swim
2015-06-21/CO/Jerry Young/63/Kayak/Fryingpan /IV/Taylor Creek to Basalt /Flush Drowning
2015-06-21/CO/Steven Kelley/23/Tube/Arkansas /III/Pueblo Whitewater Park /Flush Drowning/
2015-06-20/MO/Ashley Brinkley/30/Tube/Sac River/X//Dam Hydraulic
2015-06-20/CO/Joseph Goodwin/21/Tube/South Platte /III/Near Union Avenue /Flush Drowning
2015-06-15/OR/Eugene Lamb/37/IK/Rogue River /III/Lost Creek Res, to Gold Ray Dam /No PFD, non-swimmer
2015-06-14/NY/Unidentified Man/75/Kayak/Hudson River/II/The Glen to Warrensburg /Heart Attack/
2015-06-10/CO/Unidentified Boy/11/Comm Raft/Arkansas /III/Stone Bridge to Salida /Flush Drowning
2015-06-08/MT/Unidentified Man/?/River Surfer/Middle Fork Flathead/IV/Houdse Rock /Equipment Trap/
2015-06-04/UT/Adam Ericksen, Chas McLynch/27, 50/Comm Raft/Colo R - Westwater Canyon/Flush Drowning/
2015-06-02/AZ/Morgan Heimer/22/Comm Raft/Colorado River/NA/Grand Canyon/Disappeared from camp
2015-05-31/MT/Brian Niedermeyer /42/Comm Raft/Gallatin River//Greek Creek to Spanish Creek /Flush Drowning
2015-05-23/TX/Joshua Reed/29/Kayak/Trinity River/X//Flush Drowning, Dam Release
2015-05-22/CO/Michelle Math/47/Comm Raft/Clear Creek /IV/Green Bay Rock to Rigor Mortis /Flush Drowning
2015-05-16/WA/Logan Jauernigg/63//White Salmon River/V/Green Truss Bridge to BZ Corners /Strainer
2015-04-26/WA/Travis Albin/38/Raft/Sultan River/III/Powerhouse to Fishing Access /Flush Drowning/
2015-04-25/AL/Dakota Crandall, Vicky Ryan/25, 46/Kayak, Jon Boat/Big Wills Creek/X//Dam Hydraulic/
2015-04-20/AL/Lori Turner/54/Canoe/Sipsey River/II/County Route 60 to State Route 33 /Strainer
2015-04-12/WA/Dennis Brown/63/Kayak/ White Salmon River /IV/(Farmlands) /Strainer
2015-03-18/PA/Michael Davila/20/On Foot/Youghi'gheny River/NA/ Ohiopyle Falls /Fell into river
2015-03-11/New Zealand/Louise Jull/26/Kayak/Kaituna River/V/Lower /Strainer
2015-03-11/WV/Guillaume "Frenchie" Bonnot./36/Kayak/Camp Creek /IV/nr Bluestone R/Flush Drowning,
2015-0213/CA/Jonathan Mellon/33/Raft/Redwood Creek /II/Lacks Creek to Orick /Equipment Trap
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