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Dolores Sunday?

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I'm in Telluride, visiting from Alaska. I have all my gear, and would like to paddle part of the Dolores on Sunday. Anybody up for that?
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Don't want to bust your bubble, but flows on the entire Dolores have crashed since early in the week. We did the Rico to stoner run about 2 weeks ago at 750 was great. Came back the next day and did the San Miquel (Species to lower beaver) at 1000 cfs and it was intense. I would highly recommend either the Sawpit run or lower San Miquel if you are looking for great class III run, one of the better ones in this area. Give me buzz on info 497-6512.
hit the miguel bilk creek down as far as you want or the unc in ridgway. pm me here if you want to hit the unc on sat or miguel either day, I live in placerville.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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