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I am looking for anybody. who is familiar with the side canyons on the Dolores river in Slick Rock Canyon. Inparticular Spring Canyon. It is a large East to West canyon that drains some of the mesas on the East side of Slick Rock Canyon ( Skien - Wild Steer ). Spring canyon is located inbeetween Wild steer and Bull canyons.

It is a popular pull out if you are rafting this section of the Dolores.

I have hiked the canyon from the tops of the mesas and tried to get down to the Dolores from the top. There is a 60 foot dry fall that stops progress unless you are armed with rope.

My question here, is has anybody hiked up this canyon from the pull out on the Dolores river just above Spring Canyon rapids, and if so what kinda hike was it? The canyon from the point where had to stop, looked very tight and tall. Could it be a challenge slot canyon?

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