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Doing some rivers around bozeman/livingston this week

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Going to try and hit gally,boulder, Gardner run/YJ and maybe the Stillwater in the next 4 days. Pm if you want to join and have your sheet together.
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I was homesick last night and google earthed the put in in Gardiner it looked like you could almost drive down to the water,have the fence posts been removed or do you still have to drag boats down?
drag. Its a drag but the water is up and my spider boat is light.
yeah I didn't think you were dragging that colonial whaling ship of yours down there lol.. ugh it used to take 4 people to haul my 16 footer down there years ago,thats a fun float though well worth it
Ran it on Saturday, they pulled them out, and it seems the road down has been graded. Like usual, at 20,000 town stretch was pretty much blown out,but box car was huge in y.j.
is the boulder big enough for 14.5 raft ?
hitting the boulder tomorrow, west boulder to otter. And I'm in my 13' maravia not the whaling vessel. 406 478 9326. Shoot me a text if you want to join. Going back to the gally Thursday. 14.5 is good. Lets get sum while the gettin is good.
Boulder was fun, constant class 2 with a couple 3ish holes. Diversion damn was river wide. Gally tomorrow......
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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