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DIY Crossbars

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I need a set of crossbars for my car but don't wanna hash out a lot of cash. I already have the actually bars (Yakima) but not the towers that attach them to the car. My car also has the aero bars (factory bars) on the roof but they are too short. Basically what I'm asking is how can I attach my bars to my roof without the towers.

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Duct tape
You might also consider u-bolts or u-bolts and wooden spacers.
It might also help to see some pictures of what you have to work with.
I have a '98 Subaru with the useless new roof rack, and my plan is to zip tie two metal pipes (scavenged from the barn) to the rack and cap the ends with tennis balls or handballs, then tie the canoe to the car the way we used to when I was a kid, so the rack isn't as easily ripped from the car. Would that work for your purposes?
I have a 95 Legacy Wagon with the factory rack. I used some angle iron and some 48"X1" thin wall tubing for the cross bars. I raised them with some more tubing so they sit about 3 inches above the main rack rails. It wasn't hard, but I have a welder and a small steel pile to play with.
Thanks for all of the help but I found a solution. I had some old towers that I made work and now the bars are on my roof!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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