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Deso Soon?

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Although I know it's short notice, my wife and I would love another raft to join us on Deso Aug. 2nd. Call in sick for a week. Put in your two weeks notice. Whatever...Rafting is more important. PM if you're interested.
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Deso Shuttle Service...

Still interested in another couple to raft with us on our Aug. Deso trip but it looks like that might not happen. So I am also becoming interested in a shuttle service. Anybody have any shuttle services that they would recommend? Thanks.
I Just got off Deso last week, I used River Runner Transport, for the shuttle, they worked awesome. Would love to join you to bad I cant though. Run it solo just you and wife, you wont regret it. This last trip I did was me the wife and two kids all in one boat. Best trip I have ever had. Cheers
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