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deso put-in day question

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I have a 9 day permit for deso, and a niece is now getting married two days before 'entry day' on my permit. No where on the BLM web site do I see anything regarding 'entry date'. I took the full 9 days to give myself slack during the trip, so I have time. Does anyone know if you must put-in on your permit start day? Permit is for Sept., so not the insanity of the rest of the season.
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You must launch on the day assigned for the put-in from lottery application, a consistent policy on every western permitted river in the west that I am aware of. The # of days is a stipulation after you launch that day.
I think that is probably why they go by date not the month
It doesn't say what time you have to launch tho. If you can get off the beach before dark you could prob safely make the first camp. That'll almost buy you an extra day.
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