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Deso-Grey trip next week

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We are launching from Sand Wash next week and wondered if anyone has any updates or advice. We have never floated this stretch but have done a ton of homework and read up on the subject. Any insider info or advice would be great.
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Well, first off, look up recent threads on the Deso. We got off this past weekend. Bugs were minimal flows in the 20k range. I think it's dropping now and as that happens the bugs will pick up.

If it's still flowing big (>16k) many of the camp beaches will be significantly smaller so if you have a big group shoot for the bigger camps.
Yep, I've read all the deso specific threads from the past 4-6 weeks, and everything else I can find. We have a rather large group with very differrent levels of experience. Which camp sites would you shoot for? How far do you think we can get in the first day? Planning to get to the put-in before 9 AM Monday morning...
Depends on how much you want to push the first day. I usually push the first 25 miles the first day through sweat and tears. I've done it at 20k and I've done it at 4k levels. It's doable, would take 6-7 hours, but makes the rest of the trip much more relaxing.

Launch asap to beat the winds.
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