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Looks like the switch to involved an unexpected change to permitting policy. It is only likely to affect a few people and likely comes from a positive intention that said...

You only can have 3 permits each season as follows: 1 before, 1 during and 1 after lottery season.

There have been years in which we picked up cancellations short notice from the launch date with ease before the online system. Seems like the goal is to increase the # of permit holders but it also seems like and the BLM could come up with a way to code available dates that are either close to launch or have remained available for a certain # of days to make them available to those who have the time and ability to float more often.

The rule only affects the TL so not likely to influence a ton of people. Just though I would give a heads up to others. Best to diversify TL/permitee's on if you hope to float more than once during the permit season.

Hope summer is going well for others.

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