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Delta to Whitewater mid august?

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Thinking of family float on Yampa from delta to whitewater second weekend in August. Looking for opinions on this, enough water? to many skeeters? Difficulty of the take out w 15 ft maravia oar rig? Etc., thanks
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Don't you mean the Gunnison.

I did it last Aug around 800cfs, I would not want it much lower in a 14'boat. Launch at Escalante bridge 8 miles down from Delta. The upper section is farm lands with deer/horse flys, no skeeters after escalante bridge , but bring spray anyways. Camp @ Big Dominguez Canyon and hike up to the waterfall at lease. The take out sucks. You have to lift you boat over these steel post filled with concrete. We took the cooler and other things out of the boat. Look at the take out when you set shuttle. It is not that obvious from the river. Have fun
Yep I meant Gunnison.
Thanks for the info!
The takeout has a history of car break-ins. Be careful or find an alternative parking spot. Like stated above, the take out requires a short carry under the railroad bridge and over/through some steel and concrete posts, but it is doable with a little labor.

In my opinion, water level will not be a problem for rafts up to 18'. BuRec always keeps enough water to satisfy the Redlands diversion in GJ and that is always enough for floating. There are a few rocky spots, but I have never had a problem.

I suggest brining some earplugs for sleeping as some of the camps are very close to the railroad. I remember one night when the train went by about 12 times in the night and it woke everybody up each time. The tracks were just across the river from us, but it sounded like the train was coming right through the tent.
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Was down there July 4. Was able to drive around the Whitewater barrier at the gate and back the trailer right down to my raft. The ramp however felt like it was 40 degrees steep. Real glad I had a beefy winch to crank her out. I shuttled my vehicle which was delivered about 2 hour before I arrived. Had called Gunnison Pleasure Park, they apparently subcontract to a group called Wilderness Expeditions or something like that. GPP had forgot to set it up but WE stepped it up when I called from the boat ramp in Delta and got over there in like 20 minutes so I like them.
l.o.l......I can totally see them spacing the reservation......super nice folks though....We are using them tomorrow for just that float.
My personal preference has been to takeout at Bridgeport. It is also the trailhead for Dominguez and is patrolled. Would be a short but tough carry for a raft. Last time we were in canoes. Can get brutally hot this time of year. 3 years ago when we drove through Delta on the way the bank thermometer said 105. Some of the beaches had to be 110+ degrees. Burn your feet through your shoes hot...
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