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Deckers run in a raft?

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I've ran this in a ducky countless times, but given flow is around 500, was thinking about taking the raft out. I have my mother in law and a couple of friends of my 13 year old son that all want to raft. Not interesting in driving all the way to Ark if can avoid it and Clear creek is bigger water than I want to take this crew on.

Anyone done this at 500? My reaction is that I should be prepared to get hung up in a few spots, but curious if anyone has done this and its a total bust.
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I have done it a couple times in my 14' raft and it is not a problem, the chutes look to narrow but you will fit as long as you keep it straight.

Last time we just bounced from wall to wall it is was fine.

we usually put in where the road from Sedalia comes in and take out at the confluence.
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