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We have lost a boat and rower for our 12/4 trip. We currently have 2 rafts, 1 kayaker, 4 people total. Plan was to run to Pearce by 12/20 (17 days), but the time constraints were with the person that bailed. We would be willing go longer or takeout at Diamond.

This is so new that I'm not sure what I am looking for, other than to go down the river in 2014. We have room for others on our trip, but would also consider joining a trip leaving within a couple days +/- of 12/4.

My wife and myself will be rowing an 18' raft (this will be my 3rd trip and her 4th)
A paddle raft guide friend with no rowing experience rowing a 16' raft.
One very experienced kayaker (his 3rd GC trip).

My wife and I have been guiding for 18 years and own North Creek Rafting Company in the Adirondacks Mountains of New York. The kayaker has been boating for 15+ years and works as a safety kayaker in CO. The other rower is a 2nd year Class III-IV guide, but world-class adventurer.

All group gear is taken care of, but you will need your own boat(s). We'll be arriving Lee's Ferry early on 12/3 to rig the boats and stay the night at Marble Canyon Lodge. We'll be staying at the Hotel Monte Vista on the other end of the trip.

We are safety conscious. We do like to party. Cost will be about as low as can be (IMO). Get in touch if you are interested. I have met some wonderful river people through situations like this one.


Pic of our 16-person 2013 trip.


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