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December 2014 Grand Canyon Launch Dates Expected to Become Available

Heads up! The Grand Canyon Noncommercial River Permits Office is expected to open another follow-up lottery Tuesday at noon (Mountain time) for six river permit dates. December 5, 7, 16, 19, 21, & 26 are the launch dates expected to be available. Follow-up lotteries usually end Thursday at noon.

At the river permit lottery website there is a new feature that the permits office implemented (at GCPBA's request): Posting, in advance, what dates will become available in every next lottery.

The office will also send out e-mails on Tuesday announcing that the lottery is open, as they have usually done.

Now, however, we can all see beforehand what dates are coming up, allowing us to plan ahead if there is a date we'd like to have.

This is the website:

Good luck to all applicants.
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