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I thought I'd pass this trip report on from our local email list. I've never run this, but this is a report from August 2015. No info on shuttle drivers, but I hope this helps.

I just got done with a Deadwood trip this weekend. We ended up camping at the Deadwood reservoir both Friday and Saturday nights. If you had a shuttle driver you could easily cut out one of the days of camping but this was a good unrushed way to do it without a shuttle driver.

The run itself took about 6-7 hours and we had a total of four portages with 3-4 spots where we had to bunny hop over logs that weren't very sketchy but you don't want to be having problems in the eddies above them. There is more wood in the top section than there is in the lower. The worst wood being in the last rapid. A lake above the rapid makes it is easy to know that it is coming up. The rapid itself is probably about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile long with the portage located a little over halfway down it with swift water leading into it. There is also wood at the top of this rapid but it is avoidable, especially with the right sneak line that may not be in below 750. So if it's below 750 there may be two portages for this rapid as the right line gets to shallow. The lower portage is on the right but you definitely want to take turns going to the get-out spot because there is not much of an eddy at all and you basically want to drive your boat onto the gravel bar and get out quickly.

We had 4 people which was a good sized crew for this run. It's a pretty run with short gorges and one in particular that has two big vertical walls. We saw a lot of eagles and osprey but unfortunately no moose and fortunately no bear. I would say there are two class IV rapids on it. One being below the class V portage and I would consider the last rapid a class IV also. Other than that there are some good long sections of class III in it and great scenery.

I think the upper portages would be really difficult to cut wood out of but that last portage would be pretty simple once the water drops out. You can access it from the confluence road that goes up river and it looks like there are only three logs that form the bad part of it.
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