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Dagger Mamba - help?

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Hello MountainBuzz Community,

I am new here and I need some advice.

For the last nine years I have been paddling Fluid kayaks, currently a small Bazooka. I now have the opportunity to get a Dagger Mamba and I am unsure of what size to get - the 7.6 or 8.1.

I am 5'7" and weigh 150lbs, so I am top of the weight range for the 7.6 and bottom for the 8.1.

I am an experienced class V boater and want it primarily for my backyard run, a technical creek outside of Cape Town, South Africa. To see what the Witte river is all about see below:

Are there any paddlers out there that that can share their experience with the Mamba 7.6 and 8.1 and give a recommendation of which to choose?


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Im an inch taller and 5 lbs heavier. I would get the larger size. I find that creek boats paddle best when not over-burdened with weight.

I just checked specs on that 8.1, Sounds fine to me. I'm assuming you're a strong 150 lbs... if so I think 8.1 would not feel too big at all.

I never felt like my old stomper 80 was too big for me, and like i said: 5'9" 155 lb.

Im not a super hardcore paddler. I generally take the far right line around Vs. So perhaps my opinion isnt worth much.

happy paddling,

mac cooper
Hi Mac,

Thanks for the response.

I am leaning toward getting the 8.1 because I do agree with you on not overburdening the boat. My one concern is that I won't be that maneuverable in a bigger boat, I base this on my experience paddling the medium Fluid Solo, although I get the impression that the Mamba is more nimble than the Solo.

Good lines,

I am about 140 and 5'9" and I have a 7.6. It feel small for creeking. I got it not as my only creeker, but as a little nimble river runner when I'm not taking much gear. While I very much enjoy paddling it (it's like a little sports car compared to a creek boat) I actually found it feeling smaller than expected for where I fit in the weight range.
Hey Rivervibe,

Thanks for the insight.

Looks as though the 8.1 is the one to go for.
I would suggest sitting in both. I am 5'7" and bought the 8.1. Although I loved paddling it and it is probably more appropriate for class V, the cockpit is very wide at the area of the thigh braces and I had a difficult time maintaining contact without gluing foam to the outside of the boat to hold my leg in the thigh brace. Depends on your leg length as much/more than your weight I found. I just switched to the 7.6. Maiden voyage this weekend.
I'm 150 and 5' 10". Not in a mamba but I do paddle the nomad 8.5. Doesn't feel the slightest bit too big.

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Hi Jones,

Thanks for throwing a spanner in the works.

I have sat in both, but not able to demo the boats. I am not too concerned about the outfitting as I usually glue foam and customize my boats regardless of the fit.

Can you tell me how easy it is to boof the 8.1, given that you are also shorter?
Very easy. The boat paddles great in all aspects. I did have my seat a bit forward.
Brian, thanks. Glad there are other smaller paddlers out there who handle bigger boats.

Jones, that is good to know. Think that is what seals the deal for me.

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Im 5'6 140 pounds and i paddle the 8.1 on alot of class V. It is definitly still pretty manuverable and it is really nice having the extra volume on bigger volume rivers.
Hey Cmoore, thanks for the comment. I'm getting a good idea on how well it handles in bigger volume runs. Do you have an experience with the Mamba on more technical, creekier rivers?
I paddled it in Colorado this spring on some pretty shallow class V and liked it a lot

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Awesome, thanks for sharing.
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