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It saddens me to inform the following people that they have been cut from the '08 squad. As we all know by now, the Mank Crew does not give a shit if it's raining, snowing, windy, -8 degrees, my boat broke, my arm is sore, my boy/girlfriend threatened me, the drive is long, or my anatomy has sand in it and aches. Anyway, to the following people, thanks for trying out and we'll see what happens next spring (I'm talking February).

Scott Y,
Arn H,
Marty C,
Joel B,
Alex H,
Andrew L,
Ben W,
Paul S,
Brad H,
Chris M (the one from CB - not CMo who tore it up),
Frank P,
Frontrange Fred,
Gansta Glen,
Jamie B,
Jeremy S,
Josh M,
Josh S,
Craig C,
Marky Mark from Winter Park,
Kent P,
Matt S,
Mike P,
Nick W,
Pete R,
Darren L,
Kyle H,
Ryan (Farmer),

and the entire Poudre Posse (although it was a going away party for my boy lotsa, so maybe a little slack will be cut).

Here's to you core boaters that made an awesome bluebird Gore race even though it did snow on us as we drove over Eisenhower. You don't gotta race or even run it, but you gotta show up when we're going kayakin (even if you had to call in sick). Thanks especially to the safety crew and to Lisa, Tim, and Hobie et al for generating the event for yet another year.

2009 is just around the corner, so I'll see you all up at Gore/Bailey in the coming weeks to get in shape.


P.S. I've had one hellva season with you all - it's been a pleasure. Let's keep it rolling with some fall trips. Chile, Jan 2009 - who's in?

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Weak. And while the list isn't as long those tat skipped Bailey because it was 46 and raining deserve some flack as well.

Props to the dude from pueblo who fired it up in an RPM and a shorty over a cotton t- shirt.

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Oh, and I forgot Christine Clark - definitely off.

Paulie, comon now that's exactly why you're off. There was a big turn out of racers and a shit ton of safety folk...gimme a ring, let's catch a happy hour and talk about it now that you're 9-5ing in the city.

Please don't shoot the messenger, I didn't make these cuts - that's just the way the cookie crumbled. Everybody, just keep your chin up, you'll all have another shot for the '09 squad.


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I must say, it was a real pleasure to see that ducky cape flying through tunnel on Saturday. Good times and sun for most of the race.

February??....09 crew should start at 11am, 6 degree Shoshone put in new years morning like this year after driving through a snowstorm to get there.

Joe- I'll be on the front range labor day weekend, if there is water...Bailey or upper narrows?

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....mank crew.....

....i haven't paddled enough this season to make any crew!!!!...even my boys have written me off....last season's hockey hammered my shoulders and i am scared of kayaking anyways...i only paddle to score chicks anyhow....and since i am engaged now....fuck boatin!!!!!i can ride mtn bikes, adjust derailers and the like.....i let myself down this season but had no idea i let you down as well.....geeze luise.....sorry...BUT WAIT...i've NEVER deputized you in montrose so how the hell did i get on/off the MANK CREW.....?however, i do know that the MANK CREW gets pro-deals from JERGENS LOTION.....shall i try harder next year.....? i plan on turning 45 in china in feb.09....paddlin'.......what are you gonna do on your 45th? oh...sorry, you still in your silly 20's?.....oh the youth of today.....will you let me BACK on the m-crew if i pull off my summer caper?......i've got a HEAVY lined up for the event......maybe you could join us?'ll need a playboat for the first run....riverboat for the second......glad GORE was fun....where is that anyway?.......noLONGERonTHEmankCREW420Cb
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